The hotel

Because nowhere feels as good as "home", I decided to convert my house to a doghotel. As such, your dog will not end up in a kennel, but will be part of our home and family, residing in our living room during his stay.


The strength of this concept is my pack and my family. My own dogs are very experienced in dealing with other dogs who have no pack experience and do this in a correct and honest way. My family takes care of the warm and pleasant 'home feeling' and are an indispensable link in this concept. Every one of us contributes to the success story that this hotel has become.

What do we offer: A safe environment where your dog can discover and experience many things during his/her stay. Physical and mental well-being are very important in my concept.

Such as: dealing with other dogs, dog language - social rules of conduct, your dog learns his strengths and his limits and how to deal with them in a good way.

We also have a horse, a cow, two piggies and a chicken. Socialization with farm animals is also part of the program.

Some key words: socialization, play, fun, togetherness, learning and discovery, independence, self-control and emotional growth.

He will be involved in everything and receive the needed attention. Add the daily walk and various playtimes to this, and you know your dog will not be bored. In short, he will have a very enjoyable vacation.

And of course, I will keep you updated daily with pictures and/or a little movie. Feel also free to call me.

Attention :

Due to the concept, it is a fact that visiting dogs must be able to behave correctly among each other.

Sadly we can not welcome females in heat.

Non nutered males are welcome as long as they behave correctly with other dogs. No quarrelling nor fighting and leaving the females alone. If any doubt, a testday can be organized.


Please do have a look at our general conditions.

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