Here you will find some practical engagements

To make a reservation, to bring and to take back your dog

Would you like to come over and have a look ? You can always contact me on 0494/49.09.00 or by sending a mail to


Next we will set an appointment. If you decide to let your dog stay with us, the residence agreement will be completed, including the medical data, feeding habits and the basic behaviour of your dog.


After payment of the deposit (50%) your reservation becomes definite. This amount can be payed on the account BE46 0018 0963 5636, mentioning the name of your dog and the period of the stay.


When bringing your dog for his stay, the balance of the total amount needs to be paid for in cash or by banktransfer (in this latter case you will have to bring the proof of the payment along).

Bring and take back :

Bringing and taking back your dog is always by appointment and possible from Monday till Saturday included, between 0930 hours and 1930 hours. Bringing your dog on Sunday is not possible ; only taking back (by appointment) and only between 1700 hours and 1900 hours.

For a smooth settlement, as the daily routine requires a tight schedule, we ask you, with insistance, to respect the agreed hours for bringing or taking back your dog. Should you not be able to make it at the appointed hour, please give notice in a timely manner.


Because availability is limited, timely reservation is recommended.


Bancontact not available yet.



For health reasons, all the dogs have to be vaccinated against following diseases :
- Canine distemper virus

- Parvovirose

- Hepatitis (jaundice)

- Kennelcough

For dogs coming from abroad the rabies vaccination must be in order.

For the vaccinations to be working optimally, there should be at least 15 days between the vaccination date and the bringing of your dog.

Ask your veterinarian timely for advice !


If the vaccinations are not all right, your dog will not be aloowed to stay at our hotel.  The same rule applies should your dog have fleas. As an additional precautionary measure, we ask you to adminster your dog an anti-flea treatment the day before his arrival in our hotel.


Your dog should also have been wormed recently.

To bring along
- The passport
- Food
- A blanket or a toy, to which your dog is attached to
- Medication (if needed)
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