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Some FAQ's

Wie gaat mijn hond verzorgen?

Dat zal ikzelf zijn of mijn man

Who is going to take care of my dog ?

This will be done by myself or by my husband.

Will my dog be receiving his food on the same timeschedule he is used to at home ?

We will do our best to stick to this schedule.

Will my dog be walked alone or together with other dogs ?

Both are possible, but if your dog is not social enough or scared, he will be walked alone.

Can my dog play with little friends ?

If you would like to, your dog can play with the other dogs.

Is there a veterinarian in the vicinity ?

Yes. We are a.o. working together with the veterinarian clinic Het Park at St-Truiden. They are available 24/24 and most competent.

What do I have to bring along ?

The passport of your dog, his food and some things he is attached to (toys or blanket).

Medication, if needed for your dog.

Will my dog be able to go outside regularly to do his needs ?

Of course, cleanliness is important, so we very much pay attention to this.

What if my dog becomes very unhappy during his stay ?

This can happen, but we will do everything to make him not feel unhappy. We have a lot of activities not to let boredom set in.

Should your dog really feel bad, we certainly will not hesitate to contact you


We are insured for every matter regarding your quadruped.

Until when can I cancel my booking without further costs ?

Until 1 month before the start of the stay. Should the term be shorter, your advance will not be refunded, unless in case of 'force majeure '.

My dog needs medication several times a day. Is this a problem ?

No, this is absolutely not a problem.

My dog is very scared. Will this experience be traumatising for him ?

We will do everyting we can to make your dog's stay as enjoyable as possible for him.

My dog is very afraid of people he does not know? What should I do ?

We have a broad experience with anxious dogs and dogs with limitations. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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