Who am I

As you probably are curious to know which kind of person will take care of your precious during his/her stay, I will briefly introduce my self.


I am Ann, married and mother of 3 children.


It all started with my first dog Mira, the doglove of my life. Thanks to her, I took my first steps into the 'dogworld' and I kept on walking. During some periods of my life it even went from speedwalking to running. From one adventure into another.

Several courses and trainings (in Belgium as well as abroad) built me a solid base and as evolution is not a stationary matter, I keep on following courses, educate myself and love to discover new horizons.


On of the adventure of which I learned a lot and still do, is my cooperation with the organization Spaanse Honden In Nood (Animal Care Espana). I lived in Spain and worked in their shelter and this is where I learned to handle all kind of dogs. From young to old, all possible breeds and cross-breeds together. Every dog is unique, just the way they are, the kind of backpack they are carrying and how they stand in life.


Where I previously was a black-white thinker, I learned, through the years, that there are an infinite shades of grey.


Since I came back to Belgium some years ago, I still have a big pack of dogs around me. Because I often say 'well, a little dog more or less', the idea grew to start my dog hotel.

Hondenhotel Bij Mira & Co
Houtstraat 12
+32(0)494 49 09 00
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